Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hint: Mapping Data Tables for CRM Imports

When importing data into a CRM database, there is an easy way to create current mapping tables.

First take the url for your CRM server and append /sdk/list.aspx to it.
example.  http://crmserver1:5555/sdk/list.aspx

That will give you a current listing of all of your entities with customizations.
Then click a particular appropriate entity to get a screen like the one below.


That's very informative, but we want to re-purpose this for use in a data import mapping table.

  1. Right click -> View Source
  2. Ctrl A  ( select all of the raw HTML )
  3. Ctrl C  ( copy it to your clipboard )
  4. Now open up excel. Excel is really accepting of a lot of data formats these days and most customers like to work in Excel Spreadsheets
  5. Paste that RAW HTML into a spreadsheet
  6. Do a little formatting and remove what you don't need.

Now you have CRM Entity import tables reflecting any customizations that you have made.


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Mark Kovalcson said...

This can still be done in CRM 2011 bit it requires installing the MetaData Browser from the tools in the SDK