Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MS CRM 2011 Beta VM continued…

There is going to be plenty more to this VM and the CRM beta to work on as we learn more about this new release.

More Building Blocks are needed.

Using steps in the previous section make sure that the SharePoint websites are stopped.  Also stop the SharePoint services below. This will dramatically speed things up.


Unpack the Beta SDK

Install the CRM 2001 SDK,  using MicrosoftDynamicsCRM2011BetaSDK.exe

Double click and pick a folder to use. I chose  C:\CRM2011BETASDK

Build the Plug-in Registration Tool

Open VS 2010
Open the solution in  C:\CRM2011BETASDK\sdk\tools\pluginregistration


Debug the solution to make sure it works.

Enter the URL of your CRM website, and check Use Saved Credentials and click connect.


Click Connect again and you should see that the Plug-in Registration tool is working.


For testing purposes you can just run the copy out of the bin debug folder or put a copy on a folder on your desktop.


SQL Reporting Services ( Configure Data Source )

Now that CRM is installed we need to revisit Reporting services and configure the MS CRM_DataSource

Go to Reporting Services in Internet Explorer:

image Click on SharedReports
Click on 5.0.xxxx
Click on Details View since the datasources are hidden by default.


Click on MSCRM_DataSource. (obviously adjust the following for your organization name and server name )

  1. Change the Data source type to:  Microsoft SQL Server
  2. Change the Connection string to:  Data Source=W2008R2CRMDEV;Initial Catalog=CRMDEMO_MSCRM;Connection Timeout=60;Integrated Security=SSPI
  3. Click on Windows integrated security.
  4. Click on Apply
  5. Click on Test Connection

You should see: Connection created successfully. as shown below.


You should now be able to test out a CRM report.
I just pulled up the Account Distribution Report at the top of the list. image

That wasn’t really impressive since this VM has almost no data in it, but there were no SSRS errors and that is the important part.


3 comments: said...

Hi Mark,
good series to start with CRM 2011 - thanks...

I´ve a comment to the SSRS data source configuration you explain at the end of your post.
At my setup no data appears in the reports. I´ve installed the sample data and tried e.g. the account overview report.

To solve this issue I set the data source back to their original values (Data Source type: "Microsoft Dynamics CRM SQL", Connection String "MSCRM Data Connector Connection String" and set the connect using to "Credentials supplied by the...")and added my Administrator-Account to the PrivUserGroup - after that it seem to work properly.
It was just a try an error approach and I don´t know if this was the "right" way. Did you´ve some deeper knowledge about the used permissions?

Greetings from Germany
Thorsten Klenke

dwilcoxidot said...

Your instructions have been a huge help to me and I am up and running with a Virtualbox VM of all servers & CRM 2011.

When I run the Plugin Registration Tool, I cannot use the "Use Saved Credentials" option so I provide my fully qualified Domain\userid credentials. My CRMDEMO organization is loaded, but when I try and connect to the Organization, an exception is thrown "Unable to find Active Directory object for SID".

I've tried most all combinations of changing the Identity on the CRM no avail.

Any suggestions?

Dan Wilcox
IL Dept of Transportation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding those comments Thorsten, I had the same issue, and I reset the settings back as you mentioned and everything seemed to work ok.

Am going to have to do some serious reading on this to see if I can get a handle on what the difference between these settings is and why Mark's approach didn't work for me. I hate it when I end up with a scenario like this where I make a setting change and it fixes a problem, but I've no idea what I've actually done!

And thanks for all the detailed blog posts on setting up the VM Mark, this is great stuff and much easier to follow than the MS Installation Guide (although I did have to refer to it a few times as I had a few issues and haven't been able to successfully install the CRM Help Server yet - using the final full release version of CRM2011).