Sunday, September 19, 2010

MS CRM 2011 Beta VM Continued.. Customizations

As my instructions left off, trying to publish a CRM customization and exporting customizations will fail with a SQL error. This is because the administrator currently doesn’t have adequate permissions.

Since the Administrator account has the Administrator security role this should not be an issue.

In a production system we should not be giving the Administrator account direct  access the <orgname>_MSCRM database as dbo in SQL Management Studio, but that will work for the VM. However I believe the user should instead belong to a group with the proper permissions. In this case I added the Administrator user to the SQLAccessGroup as shown below which had adequate permissions.


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Anonymous said...


I'm unable to do the following and it all gives the same "Microsoft CRM SQL error: A Generic error has occured."

1. Plublish all customizations- gives Generic Sql Error

2. Import customizations - Fails at plugin assembly.- Generic Error

3. Delete SDKmessageprocessing steps- SQL error

4. Delete a solution- SQL server error

5. Unregister a plugin from plugin registartion tool- Generic SQL Error

6. Add a user- Query builder error

The user is a deployment manager, System administrator in crm and have sysadmin rights in SQL box too.

Can anyone please suggest a solution or a direction to solve this problem.
not sure if this could be of some help.

The instance was initially beta and upgraded to production